Stochastic Career and Skills Development Program

We are a financial awareness training firm with over 20 years combined experience analysing and participating in the financial markets. Our goal is to provide you with the best impartial and practical knowledge of the financial markets. In doing so we train you for 1 month and on completing our programme, you get the guaranteed option to work with us by trading on our Live Professional Account that has been credited with funds.

What makes us unique is the fact that you get the opportunity to trade with our live funds (at no additional cost towards your training) by successfully passing the live test account with no time limit.

The structure of our training is as follows:

DAY 1 (Saturday): 11am-4pm Live/Online

  • Introduction (and background of Stochastic)
  • Major players
  • Why you should or should not trade
  • Important words, phrases and functions
  • Trading Platform and set-up (1 Trail Account)
  • Training videos supplied (to prepare for practical trainings during week)
  • Q and A’s
  • Timetable and Assignments (work to do outside training sessions)

DAY 2-11 (Monday- Thursday): 7pm-9pm online (Practical trading sessions)

  • Trading discipline
  • Analysis
  • Reading price charts
  • Technical Indicators
  • Economic calendar and Trading Psychology

DAY 12 (Saturday): 10am-11am (Live or remote)

  • Introduction to live Accounts
  • Live Test Account setup for each Trainee
  • Trainees released for remote Trading and assessment

DAY 13-23 (Monday-Thursday): 7pm-9pm online (Open access sessions) 

  • Remote trading for all trainees including on Trial or Live Test Accounts
  • Free access to new trainees training sessions
  • Traders will then be allocated a Live Professional Account to trade on behalf of Stochastic upon passing the live test accounts.


DAY 23-Onwards (Monday-Thursday): 6pm-7pm gmt: online (Daily Live Traders’ sessions) 

  • Daily support and discussions for traders who require that
  • Daily news, events and markets analysis
  • Live trades setups and ideas sharing

Cost of training: £1,000.00 (ONE THOUSAND POUNDS)

Applicant must at least have a degree or must be exceptionally literate and numerical with proof
A strong interest in trading the financial markets
The ability to communicate effectively across all levels
An ambitious and confident personality
The ability to work within a team

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