About the Company

Stochastic’s founder had a dream of becoming a successful trader at a time when trading and the financial markets as we know it today was limited to only few privileged and privately educated elites and the large corporate financial institutions.  After proper education and over many years of ups and down, he realized that the only way to succeed within the sector is by:

(i) getting impartial education from the right source to determine firstly whether it is what anyone aspire to partake in.

(ii) applying skills acquired from the education to practical experience. There is no short cut to this.

Over the recent past, we realized online trading, particularly forex trading was spreading like wildfire all over because many people erroneously believed it was easy access to wealth as marketed by brokers. This led to an era of massive growth and profits for brokers and corporate institutions whilst many ordinary people were left devastated due to lack of proper knowledge and skills.  Thankfully, laws and regulations are now in place to stop predatory practices.

Stochastic then went on a massive “financial awareness program” sensitizing people all over and particularly in many developing African countries. We enlightened professionals and ordinary individuals on trading the financial markets, the predatory aspects of the sector, as well as safe and legal process to partake in it if one chooses trading as a career.

Over the years, we then realized that most individuals, out of desperation to be successful or wealthy fall into the trap of thinking they can be successful really quickly by trading.

It is a fact that at least 78% of all retail traders globally fail. The corporate institutions and brokers know this and thrive on that statistics. Our goal was and still is to change this by

  • Spreading impartial education about the sector and profession so that individuals who are not meant to be in the sector discover that at a very early stage;
  • Provide thorough education and life’s skills training for the individuals who intend to partake in trading the financial markets, particularly forex.
  • Support individuals who complete our training by giving them opportunity to work for us.

As a result, we created via our sister company a proprietary trading account. In simple form, we stake our funds as collateral, and apply credit on trading accounts which our traders use.  With our training, we reduce the chances of failure significantly whilst we offer our trainees a chance to trade on our funds for a profit share.

So far, we have done well.

Our Vision

Stochastic has a vision to cover on a global scale impartial, factual, and dependable training which ordinary members of society as well as institutions need in order to make informed decisions to succeed.

Joe Tom

CEO/Founder, Stochastic Africa & UK

Joe is a software engineer in financial trading and operations research with extensive experience in dealing with multi-national companies and government agencies. Joe personally developed an optimization model software using CVar risk models to select optimal portfolio at Brunel. Joe also build an ATS (Algorithmic Trading Software) that utilizes clients constraints and historical data to manage risk.
Joe has been actively engaged within East Africa for the past decade working with reputable partners to promote the introduction and implementation of CySEC-styled regulatory framework for the financial and brokerage sectors as a way of achieving global synchronization and recognition which ultimately boost the coffers of the Government thereby aiding development and ultimately add value to welfare of the citizens over time.
Joe regularly carries out risks assessment and management analyses using high level financial models & simulations for global corporations and High Net Worth individuals for whom he remains in an advisory role over the long term.
Joe holds an MSc in Software Engineering, BSc in Financial Mathematics and six Cambridge AICEs Credits.

Nathan Batchelor

Chief Currency & Trading Strategist

‘Nathan has more than 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector as a currency expert, serving as Head of Research, Head of Trading, and Chief Currency Strategist, working for various Investment Firms and Financial Institutions.
Nathan also works as a consultant for Stochastic Africa, and acts as a close advisor to the CEO Joe Tom Nyama.
Nathan has a degree in Business & Finance and graduated from Royal Russell. .

Osayi Osaghale

Senior BD and Product Manager

Osayi is a graduate BEng (Hons) Petroleum Engineering student with three years’ work experience in the construction industry working as an Electricial Technician. Driven by a strong work ethics and can do attitude, he has strong mathematical and communication skills which he utilised to interact with different stakeholders.
Whilst dedicating his time into studying Petroleum Engineer at university, Osayi became aware of the decline in oil prices, which usually meant a shortage in employment would follow next. Whilst at university, these events had taken place and got Osayi thinking of other avenues his skills and knowledge would get him after university and where it could take him.
Osayi made a challenging decision to take upon himself to learn what there is to know about the financial markets with a few influences along the way. With consistent hard work and dedication Osayi ignored all possible scepticisms and took it upon himself to dedicate his time and energy into his new career path and ongoing projects with a professional approach.

Satta Kabba

Accounts Executive

Satta is our accounts executive taking care of the company’s financial resources.