First off, the pair has revisited its 3 times weekly highs around 1.3450 and has been struggling around that zone with lots of pull backs, better seen from lower time frames (1H/H4).
Also the ongoing BREXIT uncertainties have caused the pair to maintain its perch close to 1.3500 / 3600. EU officials on the other hand suggest that a deal is imminent and may be concluded over the weekends. So this is something to look at, although in my perspective, fundamentals only cater for stronger volatility of already set technical, and do not determine direction otherwise of a price movement.
If the pair manages to break this three times key resistance above 1.3500 / 1.3600  then we are cleared for an ongoing BULLISH RALLY.  But if not, then we must see a BEARISH PIP PARTY SOON. 
Another aspect to look at is the DOLLAR INDEX (DXY) which is approaching and important KEY SUPPORT at PRICE 88.230 which lies at a 61.80% FIBONACCI LEVEL. This could prompt a further rise of the MAJOR (CABLE).
Considering all factors and uncertainties around market predictability and that the pair’s  could continue in an up-trend or otherwise fall depends on the DXY’s continued drop and technical conditions as seen on the pair.

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