Gbp pairs outlook

Weekly: GBPJPY has been on a downtrend since the end of Jan/18/2018. On
31/Dec/2018 it spiked out of the channel and went back in. 22/Jul/2019
it broke off the channel and plummeted to its reversed on 12/Aug/2019
now forming an uptrend back into the previous channel.
Daily: As the pair rose back into the previous channel it failed to
break through and respected the upper down-trend trendline reversing and
forming another downtrend channel on the Daily timeframe on 13/Dec/2019.
Amid Covid-19 it plunged breaking lower through the channel until
18/Mar/2020 when it rallied forming an uptrend into the former channel
and again respecting the upper trendline but maintaining the uptrend.
4h: Whilst in an uptrend, a double bottom was formed with the neckline
(@133.983) being a strong zone. The second wing of the W ended @135.789
forming a wedge with it bottom by the W neckline. The wedge is still yet
to be broken through.

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